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Professional consultancy in organic agriculture!

Organic farming is a growing sector all over the world, but many problems are still to be solved. Agrologica has been involved in the organic sector since 1983, and all our experience is devoted to the development of the sector.

The key topic for Agrologica is organic seed production, in particular conservation of plant genetic resources, plant breeding, seed health and seed vigour, but we have also implementet projects related to relation between agricultural politics and environmental effects of production. However, with our long experience within organic farming and with our fine network within the sector, we are able to assist in all areas of the sector including trade, certification and production. Agrologica is involved in a number of projects, which along with a list of publications gives an impression of the expertise in the company.

Ph.D. Anders Borgen is our chief advisor and manager. Anders Borgen has 20 years research experience in organic seed production among other from research at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen. Anders Borgen also has experience from his own organic farm converted to organic production in 1984 and from political work as previous member of the Danish Board for Organic Agriculture, the board of The Danish Association for Organic Farming (LØJ) and IFOAMs EU group.

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Our Motto is:
"It won`t help you to increase the speed if you are moving the wrong direction!"