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Agrologicas ongoing projects   

Electrical control of weed.
Donor: Fonden for økologisk jordbrug, (DFFE), og Frøafgiftsfonden.

Projektperiode: 2006

Control of seed borne diseases in vegetables using steam and ultrasound.
Clients: Dæhnfeldt and Force Technologies.
Donor: Innovationslovsmidler fra DFFE
Project period: 2003-2006

Relay cropping of winter cereals to reduce soil tillage in organic farming.
Clients: Mørdrupgård Korn
Donor: Kornforædlingsafgiftsfonden and grassroot research funds (DFFE).
Project period: 2004-6

Use of henna (Lawsonia inermis)as a plant protection agent
Clients: Mørdrupgård Korn and CEDC
Donor: Danida Private Sector Development programe

Project period:2004-6

Environmental safe control of snails and slugs (lat. Arion Lusitanicus)
Clients: Fornix
Donor: Fornix

Project period: 2003-

Recently finished projects:

Healthy seed for organic production of cereals and legumes.
Clients: Danmarks Jordbrugsforskning
Donor: FØJØ
, (DFFE)
Project period: 2001-2005

Procedures for approveval of alternative plant protection agents in organic vegetables and fruits
Clients: Økologisk Landsforening
Donor: GAU

Project period: 2005

Demonstration of spring wheat varieties in organic farming.
Clients: Økologisk Landsforening
Donor: DFFE

Project period: 2003-4

Tinctures and food additives from Egyptian herbs. Part I.
Clients: Maia – Steensgård Naturapotek and CEDC
Donor: Danida Private Sector Development programe

Project period:2004

Optimizing seed quality in organic spelt. Special focus on common bunt and spetial distribution in the field.
Clients: Mørdrupgård Korn and Bageriet Aurion
Donor: Fonden for økologisk jordbrug, (DFFE).

Project period: 2003-4